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What is Axi Select?

Axi Select is a unique capital allocation programme that was specifically designed to help you succeed as a professional trader. Axi Select offers generous funding up to $1 million USD as part of a structured and fair pathway to help you meet your long-term and most ambitious trading aspirations. Solidify your trading skills, knowledge and understanding of the markets and embark on your biggest trading journey ever with Axi through Axi Select.

We see the trader in you with a unique programme

Joining the programme is 100% free and incurs no registration or membership fees*. Axi Select welcomes traders with different abilities, strategies and experiences to make their way to the top through six progressive stages and benefit from profit-sharing up to 90%. We know that finding a capital allocation programme that works can be daunting and therefore have made the process inclusive, fair and transparent.

To increase your chances of achieving your goals, we also offer access to advanced trading tools, technical expertise and analysis, live educational content and a community network of professional traders.

*Other fees may apply. For more information, refer to our Terms of Service.

Find your edge with an ‘Edge score’

Performance in the Axi Select programme is measured with a personalised ‘Edge score’, a numerical representation that grants you a comprehensive and distinctive insight into your trading abilities. It uses highly advanced analytics to assess your trading decisions and to help you identify areas of improvement in your trading. Your Edge score is used to assess your funding eligibility; the higher the score the more funding you are eligible to receive as you progress through the trading programme.

How does the ‘Edge score’ work

The Edge score is a weighted average of three measurable components of trading: Skill, Risk, Consistency and then multiplied by a discount factor depending on your Experience.  


Measures your ability to generate profits while effectively managing drawdowns.   


Evaluates your proficiency in managing risks effectively.      


Reflects your ability to achieve consistent gains, which showcases your understanding of market dynamics.


Assesses whether you meet minimum criteria for displaying credible trading experience.

How do I join Axi Select ?

Joining Axi Select is fast and straightforward. To get up and running with their Edge score, clients must first place 20 closed trades, achieve an Edge score of at least 50, and deposit a minimum of $500 USD to access the six progressive stages: Seed, Incubation, Acceleration, Pro, Pro 500, and Pro M. Existing clients who already have an Edge score of 50 or more and hold a minimum of $500 USD in their Axi Select account (see more about the Edge score below), can immediately progress to the Seed stage and receive up to $5000 USD of funding from Axi.  By meeting the requirements for every stage, clients can gradually build expert professional skills and trade $1 million USD of Axi funds in Pro M.

Place 20 closed trades

Achieve an Edge score of at least 50

Deposit a minimum of $500 USD

How Axi Select works


Join the programme for free - NO signup or membership fees*

*Other fees may apply


Deposit at least $500 USD into your account, start trading and achieve an Edge score of at least 50.

Get funded

Receive funding in a separate Allocation account from $5k USD to $1 million USD.

The Axi Select programme is only available to clients of AxiTrader Limited. CFDs carry a high risk of investment loss. In our dealings with you, we will act as a principal counterparty to all of your positions. This content is not available for AU, NZ and UK residents. For more information, refer to our Terms of Service . Other fees may apply. 

Why traders join Axi Select

100% FREE to join – no registration fees or ongoing membership fees

Trade with Axi's capital and earn up to 90% of the profits you generate

Improve your trading with analytics and a personalised ‘Edge score’

Connect with professional traders in an exclusive online trading room

Six stages to success

Axi Select has been designed to provide a clear and structured pathway for traders to follow. Traders begin in the first stage, known as the Seed stage, and advance to higher stages as qualifying criteria is achieved. Each stage offers additional benefits, such as increased amounts of funding and higher profit-sharing percentages.  For a full list of rewards and qualifying criteria, please refer to the Axi Select Pathway

Get started with the Axi Select glossary

  • Maximum Funding: The maximum amount of funding can be allocated in each stage
  • Your Profit Share: The percentage of profits you are entitled to, based on the total profits earned on trades made using Axi funds
  • Minimum Equity: The minimum amount of equity needed to begin the stage. If you withdraw funds from your account, you must ensure you have this minimum equity to stay in the programme
  • Edge score: The minimum Edge score you must achieve to qualify for each stage
  • Stage Duration (Min Days): The minimum number of days you must spend in the current stage before you can progress to the next stage
  • Trades Per Stage: The minimum number of total trades you must make within the current stage before you can progress to the next stage
  • Trades Per Month: The minimum number of trades you must make within each calendar month to remain in the current stage
  • Max Funding Multiplier: The maximum multiplier available in your Allocation Account for the current stage
  • Maximum Loss: The maximum percentage of losses you are allowed to sustain in the current stage. If your losses exceed the maximum, your account will be placed in Quarantine (see below). Note: Quarantine does not apply to Seed stage. Seed stage can be restarted at any time without penalty, provided you meet the qualifying criteria.

Trade with Confidence and Conviction

Axi Select aims to provide a holistic trading environment, where you can gradually build your skills, and easily track your progress. The goal is to help you naturally grow as a trader with all the right conditions, tools and resources. Here’s what we offer:

  • 100% Free to join 0 Registration fees and no hidden costs*
  • Get up to $1 million USD Earn 90% of profits on $1 million USD of our funds
  • 1:100 Leverage Enjoy higher leverage with an Axi Select account
  • Progress with an Edge score Improve your Edge score to unlock new stages
  • Refer to our Dashboard Track your performance and other traders’ performance with a leaderboard, advanced stats and analytics.
  • Exclusive Trading Room Find your tribe and exchange trading ideas with the help of live analysis and educational videos from professionals.

*Other fees may apply